Natalie Housand
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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Natalie Housand who was born in North Carolina on November 11, 1984 and passed away on December 19, 2004 at the age of 20. She died in an auto accident when a drunk driver hit her in a head on collision. She was employeed by Shoreland Healthcare as a certified nursing assistant and ward clerk. The staff and residents all loved her, and will miss her very much.She was attending college at Southeastern Community College in order to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a nurse. Natalie is survived by her parents Patrick and Bonita Housand, a brother: Addison Housand, paternal grandmother: Sarah E. Housand, maternal grandparents: Buddy and Janet Wright, as well as numerous Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and friends. Natalie was a bright, sweet girl who always had a smile on her face. We will remember her smiling face forever 

My Friend
"If one falls down, his friend can help him up, But pity the man who falls and has noone to help him up!" -Ecclesiates 4:10
God blessed me with a special friend who was there in the good and bad times.  She had to leave to go be a beautiful angel.  Surely her smile lights up heaven and she sings with the angels.
She still is with me and watches over me from above.
Natalie, thanks for always helping me up!

Remember Me

Remember me when flowers bloom
Early in the spring
Remember me on sunny days
In the fun that summer brings

Remember me in the fall
As you walk through the leaves of gold
And in the wintertime- remember me
In the stories that are told

But most of all remember
Each day - right from the start
I will be forever near
For I live within your heart



Tributes and Condolences
Something I'm posting to Natalie from Addison   / Taylor Stocks (Soon-to-be Sister-in-Law )
If pretty daisies grow in heaven Lord pick a bunch for me.  Place them in my sister's arms and tell her they're from me.  Tell her that I love and miss her and when she turns to smile place a kiss upon her cheek and hold her for a while.&nb...  Continue >>
Today was Five Years   / Amy Purser (Friend)
For Natalie Renee Housand 11/11/1984 -12/19/2004 Today made five years . . . I found this poem and thought of you . I love you and I miss you very much!!! Merry Christmas in Heaven!!! I see the countless Christmas trees around the world below. With t...  Continue >>
My little girl   / Bonita Housand (Mother)
For the past months I would pick up a news paper and see friends of yours completing there four years of  college and think about that day that both of us look forward for you to earn a nursing degree. Now all I can think about is who you w...  Continue >>
Watch Over my Baby   / Amy Purser (friend)
Natalie,As you already know from looking down on us, I had a baby girl on June 27,2006.  I named her after a very special person, you.  Her name is Natalie Renae Purser.  I hope that she will be as kind and loving as you.  I wish ...  Continue >>
To My One and Only Daughter   / BONITA HOUSAND (MOTHER)
Today, November 11,2005 you would be 21 years old.  I remember the day that you were born and how happy I was.  When I found out that I had a daughter I was so happy, you are what I wanted so badly.  That day was the happiest day of my...  Continue >>
My sweet childhood Bestfriend  / Magan Cox Barnes (Childhood Bestfriends )    Read >>
Missing You  / Sarah (Parrett)Johnson (Good Friend )    Read >>
We miss you very much!  / Jessia Butler Colby Suggs (Friends)    Read >>
My Wedding Day  / Sarah Parrett (Friend)    Read >>
Missing You!  / Adam Melton (Boyfriend)    Read >>
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Her legacy
Natalie Housand  

Miss South Columbus


North Carolina Strawberry Parade - Southport 4th of July Parade
Nakina Veteran's Day Parade - Tabor City Christmas Parade
Southeastern North Carolina Watermelon Parade


North Carolina Strawberry Pageant - Columbus County Fair
Bladen County Relay for Life - Columbus County Relay for Life
Royal Talent Showcase - Dublin Peanut Pageant
Fourth of July at Southport, North Carolina
Fourth of July at South Columbus
March of Dimes Walk - 2000-2001 Retirees Banquet
Whiteville Harvest Days Festival - Pinedale Rest Home at Christmas
Secretary Banquet - Lion's Club Banquet


North Carolina Sweetheart Pageant - North Carolina Strawberry Pageant
Little Miss Columbus County Pageant - Queens Court Pageant
Miss Columbus County Pageant
Dublin Peanut Pageant - North Myrtle Beach Pageant
North Carolina Yam Pageant - North Carolina Sweetheart Pageant
Brunswick County Christmas Pageant
South Columbus Homecoming

Special Events

Prepared and delivered Valentines (Pinedale Rest Home)
D.A.R.E. Role Model (Williams Township School)
D.A.R.E. Role MOdel (Tabor CIty and Old DOck Schools)
March of Dimes Talent Show - March of Dimes Walk
Secretary Banquet - 2000-2001 Retirees Banquet
Columbus County Relay for Life - Toys for Tots Campaign
Little Miss Columbus County Luncheon
Lion's Club Banquet

Natalie's Photo Album
Natalie's Baby Picture
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